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Natasha's mission is to educate artistic athletes of all levels from across the globe. Natasha is a former professional ballerina. She has graced billboards, print ads, commercials, & was featured on Fox televisions hit series, "So You Think You Can Dance".  Natasha is a certified instructor of over 15 years. She is excited to share her secrets with you!

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Middle Splits Handbook


Commit to achieving your flexibility with this printable digital file. This 15 page ebook is a step-by-step guide for quickly getting your middle splits. Let me give you the proper resources to finally see the results you want.


  • 10 min static stretch routine

  • 10 min dynamic stretch routine

  • 2 checklists for each stretch routine

  • Photos of each stretch

  • Descriptions of each stretch

  • Tips, tricks, & new techniques

  • Schedules

  • Goal templates

The Splits Handbook

Customer Favorite

This is a printable digital file. This 10 page ebook is a step-by-step guide for quickly getting your splits & over-splits. Let me help you gain the correct tools to maximize your results.

This 10 page handbook includes:

  • Photo demonstrations of each stretch along with a description. 

  • The 4 key components of acheiving maximum flexibility.

  • 5 tips to get flexible fast.

  • Daily planner template.

  • Weekly schedule template.

  • Goal planner.

  • Complete stretching guide.

  • Checklist for a 15 minute stretch for splits.

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"If you're looking for the best of the best, Miss Natasha Jade is it! I wanted to improve my skills as a dancer so I joined the intensive & it was the best choice I've ever made! Not only was Miss Natasha extremely motivating but her teaching style is the BEST! After only 13 days of classes with her, I've learned & improved so much. She provides effective exercises to do, but also explains the importance of doing them, what muscles we are focusing on while doing it, & how those muscles will help us improve as dancers! After her courses, I know how to properly engage the correct muscles. My extensions have gotten higher, my turnout has greatly improved, I've gotten splits on both sides, & balancing is so much easier.  I also have so much control. She is the REAL DEAL! I've never had a teacher like Miss Natasha & improved so much in such a short time; if you're skeptical about taking a course with her, definitely go for it because her classes are 100% worth it!"


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