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Prevent dead shoes, blisters, & stinky feet!

Being unprepared can limit you from reaching your fullest potential. Fill your dance bag with the essentials to give every class your very best.

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch

Apply patch to sore muscles. Unlike Biofreeze & Icy Hot, Tiger Balm is safe to use while dancing.

BodyGlide Anti Blister Balm

Glide on your heels and/or toes to prevent blisters


Use scissors to custom cut around your sore spots.

Native Deodorant

Don't get caught smelling at the studio! Have extra deodorant in your bag. This is my favorite kind.

Flexibility Band

Use this band after class to deepen your static stretches.

Pointe Shoe Toe Spacers

Use between your big toes to prevent bunions & ease foot pain.

Rosin Spray

Prevent slipping by using this mess-free rosin shoe spray.


Keep your feet clean & free of infection by using bandaids & Neosporin on open cuts/blisters.

Pointe Shoe Bag

Tie these to the outside of your dance bag to allow your shoes to dry out between uses. It helps them last much longer.

Stitch kit

A stitch kit is necessary to fix wardrobe/shoe malfunctions.

Hair kit

Don't get stuck at the studio without hair ties, bobby pins, & a hairnet! Drop this in your bag to always be prepared.


Bring plenty of warm-ups to keep your muscles dance ready. This increases flexibility & prevents injuries.

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