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Recital must-haves!

Dance parents & dancers have enough to worry about. I have created a checklist of what you need to have a stress-free recital experience. Confidence comes from being prepared. Free printable checklist is included below. Amazon links are provided below as well.

Stay hydrated & don't worry about water spilling in your dance bag with this leakproof water bottle! This water bottle also doubles as a coffee mug.

Bring an extra pair of tights for unplanned runs & holes. These tights come in 10 shades.

Keep your costumes safe from the elements in this garment bag. It has extra zipper pockets for headpieces, extra tights, & dance shoes. Hack: You can also use an industrial trash bag instead. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag. The bottom will become the top where the hanger pokes through.

Theaters are cold & rehearsals are long. Keep your muscles warm to reduce the risk of injury with these leg warmers & this shrug. They can easily be slipped on without ruining a costume.

Costumes malfunction, pointe shoe ribbons pop off, & elastics break. You must be prepared. This sewing kit comes with everything you need: scissors, needle & thread, safety pins.

Blisters & other injuries are common. This first aid kit includes hand sanitizer, antibiotic ointment, & various bandages. It will keep your body clean & healthy!

Show up to the theater with your hair done... but bring tons of extras. You’ll need extra Bobby pins for headpieces & stray hair that comes out. This kit includes it all.

This is without a doubt a huge necessity. Flyaway hairs are highlights from the stage lights. Use this hairspray to create "helmet head" with absolutely no flyways. Hairspray will need to be reapplied throughout the show/rehearsals. Hairspray is also used to keep pointe shoe ribbons in place, backs of shoes up, & on the bottoms of dance shoes if the floor is slippery.

Sweat, smudges, & tears happen. Bring your makeup for quick touchups. Must-haves in the makeup bag: Eyelash glue, eye liner, lipstick, powder. This makeup bag is large enough to carry all your other essentials too. There are plenty of pockets to put your makeup, hairspray, first aid kit, & hair supplies. It hangs up so all your essentials are visible for easy access.

Right click & print this checklist to make your life easier!


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