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Gift guide for gaining flexibility

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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miss Natasha jade gift guide for flexibility

Help the athlete in your life become flexible, relieve soreness, & prevent injuries with this perfect gift guide.

Stretching should be a comfortable experience. To be consistent & see results you must create a space you feel warm, safe, & relaxed. Turn the lights down & put light music on to help with the relaxation. Keep your sessions between 5-30 minutes. Links are below for some must-haves to getting the most of every stretch session.

  1. Yoga Mat to stretch on. Get a soft mat to create a comfortable environment. Your bones shouldn't be digging into the ground. Use a mat to help stay in each stretch with no pain.

  2. Space heater. Stretching in a warm room is proven to dramatically increase mobility in the joints. Shut the door & turn this on 5 minutes before you begin your stretches to feel the dramatic difference!

  3. Warmups to keep your muscles supple & take your stretching to the next level. Keep your extra layers on the entire duration of your stretching for maximum results.

  4. Heating pad. This can be used before stretching, before performing, & after class to maximize mobility & ease muscle strain. I keep this heating pad in my dance bag. It’s great for preventing injuries at the theater during tech week too.

  5. Massage gun. Tight muscles inhibit mobility. Decrease tension in the muscles to increase flexibility. Use a massage gun to target your sore areas.

  6. Massage balls. Soreness decreases flexibility. Use massage balls mimicked a masseuses thumbs. Create your own deep tissue massage to loosen up the muscles/fascia & unleash your mobility.

  7. Stretching bands keep your spine in correct alignment while stretching. It prevents you from reaching for your leg & disrupting your placement. When stretching it is important to hold proper posture. Using a stretching band allows you to hold you posture much easier & stretch further than ever before.

  8. Barres are used to stretch easily. This barre is very portable. It can be folded up & rolled away. I love the aesthetic. It is very sturdy so you can put weight on the barre while stretching without it falling or moving.

  9. Yoga wheels are used to improve back flexibility. While using the wheel, stay totally relaxed to get maximum results.

  10. Foam rollers relieve tight muscles & is a staple to your post class routine.

  11. "The Splits Handbook" is a step-by-step instructional ebook to get your splits & over-splits. This ebook includes checklists, schedules, photos, descriptions, & more. Take the guess work out of your stretching & get a list of proven stretches from a professional.

  12. "The Middle Splits Handbook" is a 15 page printable guide with 2 complete stretch routines, checklists, schedules, photos, & descriptions of each stretch, & more!

  13. Bluetooth speaker. To help stay relaxed in your stretches turn some music on. Use my Spotify playlist here!

  14. Water bottle to keep your muscles hydrated. Dehydration causes muscles & joints to be stiff & lack mobility.

  15. Zoom Total-body Flexibility Workshop. This value packed class is loaded with stretches, techniques, & helpful cues to crush your flexibility goals.

  • Total-body Flexibility Workshop includes an hour LIVE Zoom stretch class with Miss Natasha.

  • Corrections & modifications during class from Miss Natasha.

  • Zoom recording link for 30 days.

  • Virtual Meet & Greet with Miss Natasha after class

  • Q&A

  • Printable guide to take notes for continued progression

  • For all ages & abilities WORLD-WIDE!

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