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Relieve Soreness Fast!

Are you holding tension in your shoulders, feet, hips, or low back?

Getting a massage from a licensed massage therapist is heavenly, but not always accessible.

Relieve soreness on your own.

Therapy balls act as a masseuses thumb. Unlike a foam roller, a ball will pinpoint a specific sore muscle. They have the precision to get into the smaller muscles of the foot, calf, shoulders, & hips. You have the power to apply as much pressure as you need by using your own body weight.

You can use therapy balls, lacrosse balls, tennis balls, or golf balls. Each ball will give a different type of massage. Golf balls are much smaller & harder. They work well for feet. Tennis balls are larger & are softer. They won’t give as deep of a massage but are great for your hips, low back, & shoulders. You can place two of the same balls in a tall sock or mesh bag. This will act more as a foam roller feel. Use the double ball technique for rolling out your calf, thigh, & glutes.

This type of massage is called acupressure therapy. It stimulates the body's circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal system. This helps relieve stress, anxiety, & improves sleep. It is excellent for dancers because it relaxes your muscles, and joints which improves range of motion. It can also help reduce headaches, migraines, and menstrual cramps.

Soreness causes inflammation & tightness in the joints. By releasing the tension you will improve your flexibility!

Pause as you hold the pressure from the ball on a sore spot. Stay in one spot as you take deep breaths. Inhale through the nose & exhale through the mouth. Feel the lungs fill up like balloons. Once you feel the muscle relax, move to the next spot.

You can execute this style of self-massage on the ground (more pressure) or against a wall (less pressure).

Happy dancing,

Miss Natasha Jade

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