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Flexibility hack!

Updated: May 25, 2022

As athletes, it is our job to know where our bodies hold that tightness & fix it to minimize injuries & maximize mobility. Holding tension is a main component for not seeing the flexibility results you want.

Use massage balls to target your tight spots & relieve the unwanted tension. The product you use makes a difference in the results you get. Tennis balls become too soft to offer any therapeutic value. Lacrosse balls are too firm, posing a risk of injury to nerves & bone.

I use the trusted Wellround balls. They are made of a natural rubber that is the perfect density. They are soft yet firm, allowing for the maximum therapeutic benefit. They are grippy, pliable self massage tools that push through layers of skin, muscle, & fascia to provide a deep effective massage while still being gentle enough not to cause the body to contract and tighten with fear or pain.

For more tips on flexibility, join my live & recorded classes during my Virtual Summer Series.

Try my 10 page ebook, “The Splits Handbookfor a step-by-step guide to unleashing your splits & over splits.

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