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Increase Your Endurance!

Did you know that lack of endurance is a leading cause of injuries in athletes?

Improve your stamina in as little as 20 minutes!

HIIT training is an excellent way for dancers to increase their endurance. There are many studies that outline the effectiveness of this method. HIIT training is also extremely similar to the way dancers perform. Dancers execute short bursts of high intensity activity. Dance classes are structured for 30 seconds-2 minute heart pumping combinations followed by a rest for corrections, waiting for the next group, & learning the next combo. In a 2 hour ballet, dancers perform short variations with breaks & intermissions.

Dancers are sprinters!

Running is usually first to come to mind we think of improving our cardiovascular system. Although, running can be painful & not enjoyable for everyone. You won't continue something if you dread it. Find a workout that you enjoy. Looking forward to your workout will keep you motivated & consistent.

Try this short & effective workout for dancers. You will see an improvement in performance & overall strength while dancing. Jumping, pointing your feet, & straightening your knees will soon feel easier.

Let's go!

  • 1. Turn up your favorite hits

  • 2. Lace up your tennis shoes to protect your joints

  • 3. Use the free “Interval Timer” app to keep you on track for a fool proof workout.

  • 4. Feel the results

Try one of my 45 minute Strength & Endurance courses for $5!

Happy dancing,

Miss Natasha Jade

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