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How to create a home studio

Updated: May 1, 2022

Here are 8 must-have items for a productive home studio.

Links are provided in each description. All these products are top-of-the-line & from trusted vendors. They all hold 5 star reviews from thousands of customers.

  1. Flooring

Did you know that dance floors play a significant role in the occurrence of acute injuries? Protect your hard work & prevent injuries with Harlequin Marley Flooring. I use the Harlequin Marley Mat Kit. It is 6.5ft x 6.5ft, a perfect size for pirouettes, pointe, tap, etc. If you're limited on space, you can roll them up like a yoga mat while not in-use.

2. Barre

A chair or countertop work as a barre... but having a ballet barre at the proper height will help with placement & balance. This barre is made with quality products. It is very compact, light, & sturdy. The setup was a breeze. I also love the wood accent.

3. Speaker

Having music is crucial for improving musicality & quality of movement. This bluetooth speaker stays charged for weeks. It is waterproof & extremely durable. The sound is very clear & it gets very loud. I have had my portable speaker for over 5 years & it is still like-new.

4. Lighting

If you are doing virtual classes or content creating you will want a ring light. Natural light is best, but a ring light is needed because you can control the height & brightness of it. This eliminates shadows & helps you get the highest quality videos. I've had this ring light for over 4 years. I love the adjustability for height & different settings for brightness/warmth.

5. Mirror

A mirror helps you with self-correction of placement, alignment, port de bras, & foot shape. This mirror is large enough to see your feet, full extension, & port de bras. It is free standing but can also be hung on the wall.

6. Bosu ball

A Bosu ball is a versatile prop for your studio. It can be used for many different exercises such as: plank, push-ups, squats, relevés, crunches, & so much more. This compact Bosu ball helps correct placement, balance, & alignment. It also strengthens your ankles, core, & feet at rapid speeds.

7. Space heater

A warm room means muscles that are less susceptible to injuries. Stretching in a warm place also helps get flexible much quicker. This heater is my favorite item in my studio. Feeling warm while stretching is the best feeling. I even use it in the summer!

8. Massage tools

Keep your body healthy & flexible by rolling out & self-massage after practicing. These yoga wheels are used as massage rollers, back stretchers, for splits, & a prop for abdominal exercises. The multi-purpose wheels are excellent for sore backs, hips, & calves, increasing flexibility, along with strengthening. These massage balls mimic a masseuses hands. They get into tight spaces & help loosen everything up. Use massage balls to increase turnout, improve point, loosen up your back, & more. I don't go too far without them. I also have an extra set of balls in my dance bag!

Get yourself ahead of the curve by using your home studio with me & level-up outside the studio. Train virtually with me privately, on-demand, or in a small group setting during my virtual summer series.

My virtual Summer Series is designed to unleash your flexibility, extensions, pirouettes, turnout, quality of movement, confidence, & SO MUCH MORE. All 16 courses are held on Zoom & are recorded for future viewing. Every participant receives instant access to my on-demand video library. Start your cross-training TODAY!

*Links are commissionable.

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