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Tips for Negative Body Image

Dance teachers can create a dancer's success, friendships within the studio, & enjoyment for the art. They can also affect a dancer's mental health, both negative & positive.

Words can cut sharp & trigger unhealthy habits.

It is their job to give feedback & corrections. Although, some innocent verbal cues can be taken the wrong way. These miscommunications can damage a dancer's self-image.

Dance is for every body.

Try using the skeletal bones as a reference for cueing. Some cues like "bellies in" or "butt under" can trigger unhealthy thoughts.

Verbal cues that can be shifted:

  • "Butt" = Pelvis

  • "Belly" = Ribs

  • "Longer lines" = Reach through your toes/fingers

Most instructors have the best intentions. Many corrections have been passed down from generation to generation. Keeping the technique alive is very important. Although, small shifts in the way instructors execute the same teachings can make all the difference in a student's journey.

Join my virtual

For current & aspiring instructors.

Friday, Feb 25

9:45-10:45am CST

*Recording is available


  • Verbal cues for instructors.

  • Free PDF file of "The Splits Handbook" for teaching references

  • Dozens of stretches for your students to master the splits & over-splits

  • Specific exercises for turnout, arabesque, pirouettes, posture, extensions, leaps, & straight knees.

  • Ways to foster love for the art

  • Building inclusive bonds within the studio

  • Certificate of completion


When you hear a correction that makes you feel negatively about your self-image, practice re-wording that correction into a "neutral cue". Write it down in your journal to remind yourself. It is not about changing your body, it is about strengthening your technique. Learn to work with what you have been gifted. (Students are welcome to attend the workshop as well.)

Happy dancing,

Miss Natasha Jade

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