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5 Ways To Get Flexible Fast!

Have you hit a flexibility plateau? There are many reasons for this. I have compiled a list of 5 common reasons you haven't seen the change you want.


10 minute sessions 6x a week is much better than a 60 minute session 1x a week. Make sure your stretching consistently. Try setting a schedule. Stretch after you work out, while you watch TV, or each morning. Setting a schedule helps stretching become a habit.


Make sure you are drinking enough water. If your muscles are dehydrated they will contract & lack elasticity. Choose nutrient dense food like leafy greens, nuts, & fresh fruits. These foods will fuel your muscles with Omega-3, Vitamin C, Proteins, & help produce more Collagen. Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods like: ginger, tumeric, cinnamon, & chili peppers. When you eat foods that are highly processed and/or filled with sugar, it can cause inflammation in the body. This can aggravate your body & lead to stiffness & bloating.


Warm your muscles up before stretching. Jumping jacks or jogging works great. Keep your muscles warm by wearing extra layers, & stretching in a warm room. Use dynamic stretches before your dance class & static stretches after class for best results.


To acheive flexibility, you need to be doing more than sitting in your splits. The splits only stretch your hamstring and hip flexors. This causes other muscles to contract as they are trying to fix the imbalance of flexibility. All of your muscles are connected. Incorporate stretches that will create a balanced body where your muscles work in harmony. Stretch the hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, back, shoulders, calves, quads, etc. Join my Flexibility Workshop to get the tools to unlock your flexibility safely & efficiently. SIGN UP HERE.


Myofascial release makes a huge difference for releasing tension in your joints & muscles. Once you massage the tight areas, you will have noticeably more mobility. I use this high quality Wellround Ball Kit. I love them because they come in two different sizes. One for larger muscles and another for the smaller areas. Wellround also has this FREE app to walk you through each massage safely. Use code: NATASHA for $5 off your kit!

Natasha Jade is a former professional ballet dancer. She began her professional career at 17 years old. Natasha has danced numerous principal & title roles for various ballet companies around the US. She has graced billboards, commercials, print ads, & television shows. Natasha appeared on Fox Television's hit series, "So You Think You Can Dance." She has a rich desire to spread her knowledge to the dancers of the future.  Her unique teachings incorporate her many years in the dance industry, as well as her ballet, Pilates, & fitness education. Natasha's style of teaching results in rapid improvement of overall strength for a balanced & coordinated dancer, without the risk of injuries from over-use. Natasha offers specialized workshops & private lessons to enhance pirouettes, flexibility, extensions, & technique. She is excited to share her secrets with you.  Set up your lesson today!

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