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5 Benefits of Barre Fitness for Dancers

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Here are 5 benefits you should be prepared to feel after taking Barre Fitnes with Miss Natasha Jade.

1.) Stronger core

Every exercise in Barre Fitness stems from the core. The abdominals are fired up & in charge of every move you do in the 45 minute class. You are retraining your body to engage your back, abdominals, obliques, & glutes throughout every movement. This cross-training results in muscle memory & coordination. Core engagement will happen naturally & be one less thing to focus on while dancing.

2.) Flexibility

During your warm up we use dynamic stretches to get the muscles stretched & ready. We use static stretching in the last 2-3 minutes of our 45 minute class. Barre Fitness for Dancers is based on movements that are designed to elongate the muscles. You will see an increase in mobility in the legs, hips, back, & shoulders.

3.) Posture

Pilates exercises are tactfully integrated within each of our series. This brings mindfulness to your placement. You will leave class feeling 2 inches taller with your heart lifted and ears stacked on top of your shoulders. Posture is key for having consistent pirouettes, higher jumps & extensions.

4.) Balance

You will notice an improvement in your balance. Standing single-leg exercises help center our bodies. We incorporate many weight changing exercises which strengthen the stabilizer muscles in the foot & ankle which improves control. Your improved posture, abdominal muscles, and flexibility also are key to a better balance. Everything works in harmony.

5.) Stamina

Cardio is hidden in Barre Fitness. Our upbeat playlist helps keep the energy sky high. We also sneak in heart pumping movement to challenge your cardiovascular system. This will improve your jumps, endurance, & performance quality.

Join our course recordings to give Barre Fitness a try!

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