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4 Ways to Keep Pointe Shoe Ribbons Tucked In

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Did you know that a ribbon peeking out is detrimental to your success in auditions? A simple mistake with your ribbons can cause a fast rejection. When a ribbon pops out it shows the dancer isn't mindful of details, doesn't have an understanding of the technique, & cannot follow directions. Here are 4 easy ways to prevent a simple ribbon mishap from ruining your auditions.

1. Use elastic ribbons

This is an excellent option for class. Elastic ribbons also prevent tendonitis in the Achilles because they don't put added pressure on the tendon. The extra give in the elastic ribbons help keep them in place while moving. There are two different types of elastic ribbons: Stretch ribbons are extremely stretchy the entire length. Elastic ribbons have a more traditional look. These are ribbons with a small elastic insert that is hidden at the back of the ankle.

2. Sew your ribbons in

This is the best option. This technique should always be used for performances. It is clean & most effective. Using a needle & thread, place 2-4 stitches through the knot to keep the knot tucked in. Here is a Sewing kit for pointe shoes. You should always keep a needle & thread in your bag for performances or other shoe emergencies.

3. Use tape

Using tape isn't the prettiest option, but it is quick & efficient. This technique should only be used for an informal class. Slide a small piece of tape between your ankle & the knot. Loop it around & squeeze to secure the tape. Most dancers have this tape in their dance bag for taping their toes to prevent blisters.

4. Hairspray

A spritz of hairspray over the knot will help it stay. Use extra hold hairspray. This method is not fool proof & is not recommended for performances.

Happy dancing,

Miss Natasha Jade

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