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10 ways to stay motivated at home

  1. Write your goal(s) down.

Write a goal somewhere visible. Find an inspirational quote and set it as your screensaver. Create a mood board. Look at them every morning as a reminder to stay on track.

2. Figure out your "why".

Your goal doesn't mean much without a reason "why". Example: Do you want to reach your goal to get a scholarship, job, move up a level, get casted in a show, or place at a competition? Be specific with your "why"

3. Wake up early.

Set an alarm 45mins earlier than normal. Set your clothes out the night before to make your morning run smoothly. Waking up early gives you extra time in the day. Plus, you can check off your workout first thing! Procrastination usually ends up in cancellation.

4. Dress the part.

Practicing in proper attire keeps distractions to a minimum and gets you in the right headspace. Put your hair in a bun, wear a Leo, tights, and proper shoes.

5. Plan your class/workouts

You're more likely to follow through when you make a schedule. In your weekly schedule be sure to add when you're going to stretch, dance, and/or workout. This hold you accountable.

6. Create an accountability group.

Create your own accountability group with friends. Create a group chat to check in on each other. Hold Zoom meetings to stretch, dance, and workout together.

7. Watch dance videos.

Search YouTube videos of your favorite dancer. This will surely inspire you to get up and practice. Svetlana Zakharova, Sylvie Guillem, Natalia Osipova, and Alina Cojocaru are a few of my favorite ballerinas.

8. Make a new playlist.

Music is known to be uplifting and motivating. Make a new playlist of some songs that make you feel good! I use Sonos app. It's easy to search and find fun new music.

9. Go outside.

Take your class or workout outside! A deck railing makes a great ballet barre. Being outdoors is a proven mood booster. New scenery helps clear the mind too.

10. Give yourself grace.

Sometimes our bodies and minds need a break. That's okay. Listen to your body and give it the fuel that it needs.


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